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Traveling Photographer Based in West Tennessee


For fun-seeking, adventurous souls just waiting for their story to be told!


"OMG!! These are amazing I'm actually crying!!"


Choosing a photographer is more than just hiring someone with a camera. Your photographer should be someone who inspires

you, takes the stress off of YOU, and hopefully someone

who eventually becomes a friend. That's my goal.

kyndal here :)

First off - THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! I'm so excited to "meet" you! :) I'm Kyndal - a lifestyle photographer for the joyful, adventurous, fun-seeking people out there. In my heart of hearts, I'm an outdoor lover and adventure seeker, as long as my best friend and love of my life, Jagger Stockdale, is by my side. I'm most at home on the water, rarely seen without some form of music playing, happiest around animals, try my hardest to live a God centered life, and I am completely obsessed with fashion, pottery, wildlife, the ocean, and well all things creative! 

Sunset in Florida Overlooking the beautiful bay waters
Drawn Lines

Photography shouldn't simply be about capturing the best lighting or making sure to get your good side. Although both of these are extremely important, the truly unforgettable photos are those captured in pure, authentic moments! The moments that you were lost in and didn't even realized were being captured. 


believe you should be able to look at a photo and be taken back. Back to that specific feeling you had, time and time again. It should remind you of those small details that others may not have even noticed — the warmth of the sun on your skin peeking through the trees, the ocean waves crashing all around you, the look of pureness on your little ones face as they dance around, the love in your partner’s eyes as they stare into yours.


Those documented moments should allow time to stop, for just a moment,

as a reminder of the true joy you felt with the ones you love. 

With photography I strive to focus on the small, delicate moments that get taken for granted. I personally don't even like the thought of just trying to capture a pretty picture. For me, it's all about how a photo makes you feel at the end of the day! Here, at Coasting with Kyndal Photography, I encourage you come as you are, be true to yourself, get in tune with what you are truly grateful for, and take a moment to hone in on what makes you, well YOU!

Get those bags packed!
I'm down for the adventure.

Traveling worldwide to capture those candid moments with the ones you love. 

Creating an experience tailored just for you:



UTC Graduation Photos in Chattanooga Tennessee



Newborn Photo with Parents


Travel Icon


Lets create something beautiful together...

Your story is worth being told. Start telling today! 
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